This document covers 4 things:


Workweek’s mission is to entertain, educate, and connect the business world.

We do this through expert-driven content and an engaged community platform.

⚖️ Values

<aside> 💡 These are our core values. Everyone on our team should live and breathe these — and if they don't, they shouldn't be on our team. No compromising.


Empathy, not ego

Empathy opens the door to problem-solving. Our team is uniquely talented and we can solve any problem when we lead with empathy.

Bias towards action

Most decisions can be changed or altered — but progress cannot be made without action. It is almost always better to deliver something today over attempting to perfect something tomorrow.

Be a deep generalist

Intelligence is not defined by how much you know in a single moment, but how much you’re able to learn. Building knowledge that spans numerous subjects creates a deeper advantage in decision-making.

Glass half-full

Being optimistic is good for you. It improves your emotional well-being, fosters better relationships, and provides protection against adverse events — and it can, in many circumstances, lead to better outcomes.